For government, manufacturers and building owners to provide an extensive range of energy consultancy and implementation services for energy-efficiency improvement and pollution prevention in manufacturing systems, transportation systems, electrical systems, air-conditioning systems, lighting systems, water and waste systems.

  1. Whole Energy Profiles Assessmen and Analysis
  2. Continuously Improvement In Energy Efficiency
  3. Reduce Operating Cost
  4. Reduce Carbon Emission

  1. Analyzing and Planning the Energy Efficiency Opportunities
  2. Calculating the ROI of Different Energy Efficiency Improvement Services
  3. Implementing the Most Effective Energy Efficiency Improvement Services
  4. Monitoring and Reviewing the Before and After Data
  5. Starting the Second Energy Efficiency Improvement Services

  1. Over 21 years experience in Energy Efficiency
  2. A Wide Range Knowledge of Systems to plan the Most Effective Improvement
  3. Help Customers to achieve international Standards (such as ISO50001…)

對象包括政府,製造商,業主,管理設施,建築師,總承包商,電力和機械承包商提供廣泛的能源諮詢和提供對製造系統,交通運輸系統,空調系統,照明系統,生活水, 生活廢水和廢物系統,再生能源系統等等的減排和污染防治的節能方案。

  1. 整個能源信息評估和分析
  2. 能源效率的持續的改善
  3. 降低運營成本
  4. 減少碳排放

  1. 分析和規劃的能源效率的機會
  2. 不同的能源效率改善服務的投資回報率計算
  3. 實施最有效的能源效率改進服務
  4. 實施最有效的能源效率改進服務
  5. 啟動第二個能源效率改進服務

  1. 超過15年對能源效率有相關經驗
  2. 依據相關的能源效率經驗規劃最有效的改進服務
  3. 協助客戶達到國際標準(例如: ISO50001…)