This Programme is encouraged for existing owners to carry out energy audit involves the systematic review of the energy consuming equipment systems in a building to identify energy management opportunities (EMO) which provides, useful information for the enterprises to decide on implementation of the energy saving means for environmental Consideration and Economic benefits.

The Carbon "Less"/Carbonsmart Programe Certificates Scheme require to recognize those building or organizations that achieve an verified accurate reduction of overall carbon emissions. Specific objectives are to:

  • Encourage local building and organization to identify, and take measures to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Provide recognition to participants according to their respective levels of achievements in carbon footprint reduction and
  • Facilitate reporting of third-party verified achievements of overall carbon footprint reduction




  • 鼓勵本地樓宇及機構計算其碳足跡,並採取措施減少碳排放量;
  • 按參加樓宇或機構的減碳量以表嘉許;及
  • 促進機構撰寫經第三方核實的碳減排量報告, 展示該機構在減碳方面的成果